The Fabulous Life of Angeline Louisiana Munn

mid-1930s; a publicity shot for the Gold Woman
Arthur and Angie Munn, Colorado, mid-1920s.
On the back: “In the early morning, when Arthur was leaving for work.”
Preface, contents, and beginning of the history
The area drained by McCullough Gulch. At the far right is Colorado Highway 9, leading to Breckenridge in the north, Alma and Fairplay in the south. © Google 2019
The cabin in McCullough Gulch at Dixie’s camp near the Blue Lime claim. The mountain is the north side of Quandary Peak, which forms the south side of the Gulch.
Detail from the Colorado Geological Survey map of historic mining districts (shown in orange). The lower green arrow shows the location of Dixie’s interests in McCullough Gulch. The upper arrow shows the gold mining area near Central City. The jagged white line is the Continental Divide.
Dixie on the front porch of her Central City house, mid to late 1930s.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Munn, Lakeside, Denver. Mid-1930s.
Death notice from the Denver Post, June 2, 1937.
from The American Magazine, vol. 125 (1938)
Ad for the Windsor, from around the turn of the 20th Century.
Baby Doe Tabor, before either of her marriages. By Webster, Oshkosh. Public Domain
Bedroom of the Tabor Suite in the Windsor Hotel (restored), 1955. © Denver Public Library
on the back is written: “With my orchestra on the opening night.”
A society luncheon, Dixie at right. Can anyone identify the others?
Who’s zooming who?
These two photos are from “A Story of the Windsor” by John W. and Doris Buchanan, a booklet that Dixie commissioned in 1944. It was published in a limited edition of 1,000 copies. Photos by the authors.
In front of the Creede Hotel, 1946. From the right: Dixie, her nephew Orin (my father), and Dixie’s third husband James Skelly. Others not identified.
The Creede Hotel in the early 1950s
Sister act: Lillan Hargraves and Dixie in front of the Creede Hotel, 1949
Dixie at home in Creede, among her souvenirs. 1960s.
Abbeville Meridional, May 8, 1962
One of thousands of newspaper accounts of the Edwards’ Heirs. New Britain [CT] Herald, 26 Jan 1925.
Dixie’s Edwards pedigree
Dixie in 1967, in front of her house in Creede.

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